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Easy fundraising event ideas for nonprofits

Creativity and innovation can make all the difference when it comes to nonprofit fundraising. Consider implementing these easy and effective event ideas to help your organization stand out and reach its fundraising goals. From corporate partnerships to themed fundraisers, these initiatives will engage your community and make a meaningful impact.

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  1. Introduction 
  2. Corporate sponsorships and partnerships
  3. Themed fundraising events
  4. Community events and workshops
  5. Local business competition
  6. Crowdfunding
  7. Conclusion


It is no surprise that fundraising is the backbone of nonprofit organizations all over. These fundraisers allow nonprofit organizations to carry out crucial missions and positively impact the world around them.

Organizing successful fundraising events may feel like a lot of work at first. However, with careful planning, creative ideas, and community involvement, these events can be very successful. With the right approach, fundraising events can thrive and achieve their goals. Nonprofits have many creative and practical fundraising event ideas to engage supporters, secure funds, and raise awareness for their cause.

Here are a few easy ideas to help you plan your next fundraising event. 

Corporate sponsorships and partnerships 

Collaborating with corporations and businesses can benefit both nonprofit and corporate organizations. Nonprofits should actively seek partnerships with companies with similar values and goals.

These partnerships can take various forms, including financial contributions, non-monetary donations, or volunteer support. Nonprofits can increase the success of their fundraising efforts by teaming up with companies that have similar goals.

These companies can offer resources and knowledge to help nonprofits achieve their mission. Partnering with these companies can help nonprofits reach their fundraising goals more effectively. Additionally, partnering with corporate sponsors to co-host events can broaden the nonprofit's message and attract a bigger audience.

Themed fundraising events

There are many different types of fundraising events you can hold. Themed events offer participants a unique and immersive experience while supporting a nonprofit's cause. When planning themed fundraisers, nonprofits should choose a theme that resonates with their mission or target audience. The theme should be relevant and engaging.

Incorporating themed decorations, activities, and entertainment can create a memorable experience for attendees and encourage greater participation and support. Themed fundraisers also provide an opportunity for storytelling, allowing nonprofits to showcase the impact of their work and connect with donors on a deeper level.

 Here are some themed fundraising event ideas to inspire:

Masquerade ball 

Host an elegant masquerade ball where attendees can don masks and formal attire. Include live music, dancing, and a silent auction to fund your nonprofit. This night fundraiser would be a fun way to build a larger community and audience to support. 

Superhero soiree

Invite attendees to dress up as their favorite superheroes for a night of fun and philanthropy. Incorporate superhero-themed activities, games, and photo booths, and encourage attendees to donate to support your cause.

Gatsby gala

Transport guests back to the Roaring Twenties with a Great Gatsby-themed gala. Decorate the venue with art deco accents, host a casino night, and serve classic cocktails. Consider auctioning off vintage items or experiences to raise funds.


Create a carnival atmosphere with games, rides, and carnival food stalls. Offer prizes for game winners and organize a raffle with exciting prizes. Proceeds from ticket sales and concessions can go towards your nonprofit's mission.

Mystery dinner theater

Organize a mystery dinner theater event where guests can enjoy a meal while solving a fictional crime. Hire actors to perform the mystery storyline and encourage attendees to participate in the investigation. Sell tickets to the event and offer prizes for those who correctly guess the culprit. 

Circus spectacular

Transform your venue into a big top with colorful tents, circus performers, and carnival games. Guests can enjoy acrobatic performances, clown acts, and magic shows. Fundraising opportunities can include ticket sales, concessions, and circus-themed merchandise.

Roaring twenties 

Transport guests back to the Prohibition era with a Roaring Twenties speakeasy-themed fundraiser. Decorate the venue with vintage décor, jazz music, and Art Deco accents.

Guests can dress in flapper dresses and fedoras and enjoy classic cocktails from the era. Activities include casino games, swing dancing, and a secret password entrance. Fundraising opportunities can consist of a silent auction of vintage items or experiences.

Winter wonderland ball

Create a magical winter wonderland with a snowy-themed fundraising ball. Decorate the venue with white drapery, twinkling lights, and snowflake decorations. Guests can dress formally and enjoy seasonal activities like ice skating, sleigh rides, and hot chocolate stations. Fundraising opportunities can include ticket sales, sponsorships, and winter-themed merchandise.

Around the world gala

Take guests on a global journey with an around-the-world-themed fundraising gala. Decorate the venue with international flags, cultural artifacts, and travel-inspired décor.

Guests can dress in traditional attire from different countries and enjoy cuisine from around the world. Activities can include cultural performances, dance lessons, and photo booths featuring famous landmarks. Fundraising opportunities can consist of a silent auction of travel experiences or donations to support global causes.

Wizarding world magic night

Immerse guests in the enchanting world of wizards and witches with a Harry Potter-themed fundraising event. Decorate the venue with Hogwarts house banners, magical creatures, and potion bottles. Guests can dress in wizard robes and enjoy activities like wand-making workshops, Quidditch matches, and magical photo booths. Fundraising opportunities can include ticket sales, wizard-themed merchandise, and donations to support literacy programs.

Get inspired by these themed fundraising event ideas that provide countless opportunities for creativity and engagement. By participating, you'll not only support your nonprofit's mission but also raise crucial funds. Select a theme that connects with your audience and aligns with your organization's mission to create a memorable and impactful event.

Community events and workshops

Nonprofits can engage with their local community and raise awareness for their cause by hosting community events and workshops. These events provide opportunities for face-to-face interaction with supporters and volunteers, fostering meaningful connections and building trust. 

Nonprofits can also organize events that align with their mission and engage their supporters. These events can include charity runs, food drives, and educational workshops. By hosting these events, nonprofits can strengthen their connection with the community and raise awareness and support for their cause.

In addition, they can get support from the community by selling tickets, getting sponsorships, or accepting donations. This helps create a feeling of ownership among community members. Eventeny's platform allows you to create multiple community events and workshop applications with ease, a time-saving feat so that event organizers can focus on building their event. 

Here are some community events that nonprofits can organize for the purpose of fundraising:

Charity run

Organize a charity run event where participants can register and collect pledges or donations from friends, family, and colleagues. Participants can choose a distance that matches their fitness level. Organizers can hold the event in a nearby park or scenic area.

Make the event more fun by adding activities such as live music, a bake sale, or post-race celebrations. These activities will help engage participants and make the event more enjoyable. Live music can create a lively atmosphere for the watchers. A bake sale can provide tasty treats for attendees, and post-race celebrations can help participants celebrate their accomplishments.

Benefit con

Host a benefit concert featuring local musicians or bands performing for a cause. Sell tickets to the concert and offer opportunities for additional fundraising through merchandise sales, raffles, or silent auctions. Consider partnering with a local venue or music festival to maximize attendance and exposure.

Food festival

Organize a food festival showcasing a variety of culinary delights from local vendors. Attendees can purchase food and drinks, with a portion of the proceeds going towards the nonprofit's cause. Consider adding entertainment, cooking demonstrations, or a chili cook-off to enhance the event experience.

Art auction/exhibition

Host an art auction or exhibition featuring works donated by local artists or galleries. Guests can bid on artwork through a live or silent auction, with proceeds benefiting the nonprofit. Think about themed art events where attendees can create their artwork to auction off as an item for auction. 

Trivia tournament

Organize a trivia night or tournament where teams compete in a trivia quiz on various topics. Charge an entry fee for teams to participate and offer prizes for the winning team. Consider adding fundraising elements such as a 50/50 raffle or a bonus round where teams can make additional donations to earn extra points.

Family fun day

 Plan a day filled with family-friendly activities like games, face painting, and craft stations. Sell tickets for admission and offer additional fundraising opportunities through food and beverage sales, raffles, or sponsorships from local businesses.

Pet parade and adoption event

 Partner with local animal shelters to organize a pet parade where participants can showcase their furry friends. Offer pet-related activities like contests, demonstrations, and adoption opportunities. Charge a registration fee for participants and seek sponsorships from pet-related businesses.

Outdoor movie night

Host an outdoor movie screening in a park or community space. Sell tickets for admission and offer concessions like popcorn, snacks, and drinks. Enhance the experience with themed movie nights, cozy seating arrangements, and pre-show entertainment. You can also include fundraising elements like sponsorships, raffles, or donation drives.

Community carnival

Organize a carnival-style event with rides, games, and entertainment for all ages. Sell tickets or wristbands to access attractions and offer package deals for families. Seek sponsorship from local businesses to cover event costs and provide additional fundraising opportunities through concession sales, game booths, and souvenir sales.

Holiday bazaar

 Hosting a holiday-themed bazaar is a great way to raise funds for a nonprofit. The bazaar will feature local artisans, craft vendors, and food vendors. These vendors will sell their products at the event. The money raised from the sales will go towards supporting the nonprofit's cause. Attendees can browse for unique gifts, decorations, and treats while showing support for local businesses and the nonprofit's cause.

 You may need to pay a small fee to enter. Ways to raise money can include charging vendors for booths. Another option is holding silent auctions. You can also organize holiday activities.


These events offer nonprofits a chance to connect with their supporters, raise funds, and increase awareness for their cause while building a stronger sense of community involvement and unity. With careful planning and promotion, these events can be successful fundraising endeavors that positively impact the nonprofit's mission.

Local business competition 

Involving local businesses in a friendly competition can help raise funds for the nonprofit and strengthen community ties.

Nonprofits can encourage teamwork and camaraderie by asking businesses to join fundraising events. These events can include bake-offs, talent shows, or sports tournaments. Businesses participating in these events can help promote unity and cooperation among team members.

Encouraging businesses to engage their employees and customers in donating or participating can boost the impact of fundraising efforts. Recognizing top fundraisers can also motivate participation and promote healthy competition.

Partnering with local businesses shows a dedication to social responsibility and community involvement. This strengthens the bond between the nonprofit organization and the community. It also helps to enhance their connection with the community as a whole.


Crowdfunding is another easy way to fundraise for your nonprofit, and peer-to-peer fundraising is a powerful addition to this method. Crowdfunding is a fast and easy way to raise funds, unlike traditional methods that need a lot of planning and resources.

To use this method, event organizers must create a campaign. They also need to set a fundraising goal and explain why they are raising money. Finally, they must submit the campaign. This ease of implementation makes crowdfunding attractive for those looking to raise funds quickly and efficiently.

You can use Eventeny's platforms to track your fundraiser goals. You can also manage applications for volunteers, sponsors, and vendors for your event. The platforms make it simple to keep an eye on how your fundraiser is going.

You can also easily manage applications from volunteers, sponsors, and vendors. In addition, Eventeny offers a simple payout method for event organizers to easily collect funds without any extra hassle.



Hosting successful fundraising events doesn't have to be daunting. By leveraging corporate partnerships, organizing themed events, engaging with the community, and involving local businesses in friendly competition, nonprofits can create impactful fundraising initiatives that resonate with supporters and drive positive change.

Your organization can achieve its fundraising goals and positively impact the people you help by collaborating and thinking creatively. Working together and thinking outside the box are key to reaching your fundraising goals. This collaboration can make a positive impact on the people your organization serves.