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2023 Recap: Our Favorite Product Releases

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This year, over 9,400 events used Eventeny as their organization assistant

In 2023, Eventeny witnessed significant growth, marked by the release of 729 new features—a testament to our commitment to becoming the premier event planning software. As the event industry is projected to reach $2.1 trillion by 2032, we are proud contributors to this thriving sector. Our focus this year was on empowering event organizers to excel in this expanding market through strategic feature releases. With over 9,300 events relying on Eventeny as their event organization assistant, we are excited to share some of our most popular feature releases from 2023.

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Eventeny’s Powerful Event Registration Toolevent registration mockup with evee, eventeny mascot

Let's dive into the innovative features that make Eventeny's event registration tool a powerhouse in streamlining event management. The expedited mobile event check-in process reduces entry wait times significantly, while the groundbreaking ticket reselling feature addresses industry challenges and benefits both organizers and attendees.


Mobile event check-in

mobile event check in imageCheck-in event attendees directly from the Eventeny mobile app, reducing line waiting times at your event with a simple registration  process. While Eventeny has always rivaled paid and free event registration platforms, mobile event check-in has empowered events who use Eventeny to get ticket buyers in the door at record breaking speeds with the power of online event registration. One great example of this is Anime Milwaukee; this fandom convention was able to cut their line waiting time down from over 2 hours to just 25 minutes per attendee

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Ticket Resellingticket reselling image 

In response to the surge in searches for “how to resell concert tickets” (almost 30,000 times in the past 12 months), Eventeny introduced a feature enabling ticket buyers to ethically resell their tickets at fair market value. This not only reduces refunds and disputes but also allows ticket buyers to recoup 94% of the original ticket cost. Event organizers benefit by preventing ticket scalping, ensuring resellers cannot set prices higher than their purchase.

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Bulk Ticket Refunding bulk ticket refunds image

Every event organizer knows that no matter how much you prepare, sometimes things just don’t go as planned.  With other event management platforms, organizers have to refund one ticket at a time in the event of a cancellation. With Eventeny’s bulk ticket refunding feature, event organizers can refund multiple or all ticket purchases at once, saving precious hours. 

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Eventeny Mobile - The Go-To App for Event Organizerseventeny mobile app preview

Introducing the Eventeny Mobile App, the ultimate solution for event organizers seeking seamless management. Explore how the app simplifies onsite ticket and product selling, streamlining the process for vendors and organizers. Additionally, discover Eventeny's new evPay feature, a tap to pay solution eliminating the need for bulky terminals, making onsite transactions swift and hassle-free. Eventeny Mobile stands as the preferred app for event organizers, revolutionizing event operations for increased efficiency and customer satisfaction.



Onsite Ticket and Product Sellingevent onsite payments image

For vendor events, where juggling multiple software solutions can be overwhelming, the Eventeny Mobile App streamlines the process. Event organizers and vendors can sell tickets and merchandise within one platform, enabling simple onsite selling and storing revenue data conveniently in their Eventeny account.

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tap to pay for events image A Tap to Pay Solution for Events

Tired of dealing with bulky terminals and struggling to find the best contactless payment software? Eventeny heard you. The tap to pay feature on the Eventeny Mobile App eliminates the need for hardware. Event organizers and vendors can empower customers to pay by tapping their card or phone on an android device (coming soon to iOS), facilitating fast and easy onsite transactions.  

See how Avalon Park Group saw a 60% revenue increase using evPay



Solutions for Vendor Eventssolutions for vendor events - decorative image

Explore Eventeny's tailored solutions for vendor events, designed to simplify and enhance organizational processes. Discover the efficiency of mass vendor invoicing, enabling event organizers to effortlessly send invoices to multiple vendors with just a click, significantly reducing the time spent on this administrative task. Moreover, delve into the benefits of group messaging, a modern alternative to tedious email communication, facilitating quick and targeted updates for event staff, vendors, and volunteers. With these innovative features, Eventeny offers a comprehensive toolkit for streamlining large-scale vendor events, saving time and fostering seamless communication.



Mass vendor invoice imageMass Vendor Invoicing

Running events with hundreds or even thousands of vendors doesn’t have to be a hassle. With Eventeny, you can Invoice multiple or all vendors at once. This means you can send out invoices with the click of your mouse, whether your event has 50 vendors or 500 vendors. This helps event organizers save hours from sending one invoice at a time.

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Group Messaging Group-Messaging-Applicants-(1)

Sending hundreds of emails to event staff, vendors, and volunteers is so last year. Group messaging allows event admins to have message threads comprised of event-specific messages from vendors, sponsors, and volunteers, meaning you can send out updates to these groups in seconds. Message threads are also visible to all event admins, preventing redundant responses to users.

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Eventeny's Future-Forward Outlook

In a bustling year marked by market expansion, Eventeny proudly evolved as a leading event management platform. With an impressive roster of 729 new features, our commitment to excellence is evident. The focus on diverse event types—Vendor Events, NonProfit Events, Ticketed Events, and Free Events—showcases our dedication to catering to the unique needs of our users. As we look towards the future of the $2.1 trillion event industry, Eventeny remains at the forefront, empowering event organizers with cutting-edge solutions for seamless event planning.

As event organizers continue to navigate the dynamic landscape of the industry, the demand for comprehensive and user-friendly solutions has never been greater. Eventeny is not just a software platform; it's a partner in success, providing tools that anticipate and address the evolving needs of event organizers. The success stories of events like Anime Milwaukee and Avalon Park Group underscore the impact of our innovative features on improving efficiency, enhancing attendee experiences, and boosting revenue.

Looking ahead, Eventeny is committed to staying at the forefront of industry trends and technological advancements. Our dedicated team will continue to refine existing features, explore new possibilities, and collaborate with event organizers to shape the future of event management. Whether it's refining the mobile event check-in process, introducing new payment solutions, or enhancing communication tools, Eventeny remains committed to empowering event organizers.